Saturday, 12 March 2011

Here She comes.....! by Rumi

Here She comes-
A moon whose light the sky never saw
even in his dreams,
Crowned with an eternal flame
no flood can hope to quench.

Her cup, long out of reach, now spills over,
filling my senses, desolating my soul.

The Saaqi has become my dearest friend.
With each new round she pours,
my blood turns to nectar,
my heart to a holy shrine.
Now I see only Her!
Now I hear Her voice alone:

Let my love fill your golden cup
like sunbeams showering the earth.
Let it flow to every corner of your soul,
Let it tear up the gnarled roots of regret
and nourish the tender seeds of hope.

When my heart saw the ocean of Her love
it jumped in and yelled,
Find me if you can!

O, where can I look for my missing heart?
Where, but in the face of Beloved ?

She is the Sun and Moon
In whose track
Every heart must follow.

~ Rumi

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