Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A heart slain by Your Rumi

A heart slain by Your hand
rocks crack apart
filled with passions
longing to have
a glimpse of you

Soul grows wings
over-joyed with desire
flying in search of you

Fire changes to water
wisdom becomes insanity
and my own eyes
turn out to be the enemy
of my sleep
as they long to see you

There is a dragon
devouring rocks and men
causing insanity
destroying peaceful lives
and calling itself love

don't imprison free souls
don't change laughter to cries
don't press us so hard

There is no one
but you to turn to
your love demands
nothing less than
my wounded heart
and my heart is filled
with nothing but your longings

The wine jar is boiling over
someone is drinking the wine
and making the harp play itself
the sonnets to your admiration

Your Love entered my house
saw me without you
put its hand over my head
and said pity on you

This Love journey
is surely the hardest and
most twisted road i have taken
I began the journey
but my heart
is still dragging behind
wrapped around your feet.

~ Rumi
Ghazal 2157
Translation by Nader Khalili

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