Saturday, 24 December 2011

Dear heart, sit only under a tree that is full of Rumi

Dear heart, 
sit only under a tree
that is full of blossoms
sit only with those who know and understand you.

In the bazaar of herbs and potions
do not wander aimlessly find a potion that is sweet.

If you are not careful people will rob you in no time
you will take counterfeit coins for real.
Do not fill your bowl with food from every pot you see.

Not every joke is humorous, not every eye can see,
not every sea is full of pearls,
do not search for meaning where there isn’t one.

Dear heart, lay down your head
and one by one let go of all distractions.

Sing the song of longing like nightingale
and let its sound cast a spell on every stone, on every thorn.

Embrace the light and let it guide you
beyond the winds of desire, there you will find
a spring that will nourish your spirit
and by its sweet waters like a tree
you will bear fruit for ever.

~ Rumi 
Translation by Maryam Mafi, Azima Melita Kolin
Art by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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