Saturday, 17 December 2011

There's a path from me to Rumi

There's a path from me to you
I'm constantly looking for, 
so I try to keep clear and still
as water does with the moon.

Longing is the core of mystery.
Longing itself brings the cure.
The only rule is: Suffer the pain.

Each moment you call me to you
and ask how I am, even though you know.
The love I answer you with
stirs like wind through cypress.

Your presence is a river
that refreshes everyone,
a rose-garden fragrance.

Don't worry about making doorways
between individual lovers when
this flow is so all around.

Some souls flow like clear water.
They pour into our veins and feel like wine.
I give in to that. I fall flat.
We can sail this boat lying down!

Humble living does not diminish. It fills.
Going back to a simple self gives wisdom.
When a man makes up a story for his child,
he becomes a father and a child
together, listening.

You don't win here with loud publicity.
Union comes of not being.
These birds do not learn to fly,
until they lose all their feathers.

~ Rumi
from Say I Am You,
the John Moyne, Coleman Barks translation.
Art by Jereme Crow

1 comment:

  1. For lifetimes I have
    Longed for you, day and night.

    My life is now consumed,
    Yet my desire for you is still the same ♥

    Muahhhh ♥