Tuesday, 27 December 2011

She killed me with a sideways glance..Nizami Ganjavi

She killed me with a sideways glance, “your fate”--is what she claimed
Never deigned to look at me: ‘I’m modest,” is what she claimed

To the mosque I dragged myself hoping for the beloved’s glimpse
Raising her hands to her face: “was praying,” is what she claimed.

Strolling about the town hanging onto the rival’s shoulders
Seeing me she sprang apart: “was slipping,” is what she claimed.

The zahid* has not the strength to bear the Beauty of the beloved’s face
Retiring to a corner with a rosary: “I’m praying,” is what she claims.

~ Nizami Ganjavi: Persian Sufi poet, 1141-1209

Zahid: an ascetic who takes on a life of poverty and isolates himself from human society, in order to concentrate on God through prayers, fasting and contemplation. The zahid and the Alim, or religious scholar, are often contrasted to the Sufi and the lover, even though many Sufis were themselves avid practitioners of ascetic exercises.

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