Wednesday, 14 December 2011

There is nothing I can do While I am with Rumi

You ask, 
"How are you ? 
What do you do ?"

There is nothing I can do
While I am with you.
Only wailing and crying will be for me
When I am separated from you."

Even if I drink the wine of heaven
From the golden cup,
The only hangover I get
Is without you.

Whatever I weave is at the loom of your love.
Without you, I swear to God,
There is no woof nor warp to the material.

You look like a river with
No beginning and no end.
The world is like a bridge over this river.
How can one pass this river
With that kind of small bridge?

This world has four seasons,
Each one against the other.
To fight all of them
Leaves no peace, no life for man.

0 spring of Beauty,
You come.
You are the essence of the seasons.

all the seasons Will be ended and burnt out.
They all become spring.
Only spring will stay.

~ Rumi
Verse 2497
Divan-i Kebir

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