Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I speak frankly and that makes me happy...BY Hafiz

I speak frankly
and that makes me happy:
I am the slave of love,
I am free of both worlds.

I am a bird from heaven's garden.
How do I describe that separation, fall into this snare of accidents ?

I was an angel
and highest paradise was my place.
Adam brought me to this monastery
in the city of ruin.

The hours' caress,
the pool and shade trees of paradise
were forgotten
in the breeze from your alleyway.

There is nothing on the tablet of my heart
but my love's tall alif.
What can I do ?
My Beloved taught me no other letter.

No astrologer knew
the constellations of my fate.
O lord,
when I was born of mother earth
which stars were rising ?

Ever since I became a slave
at the door of love's tavern
sorrows come to me
each moment with congratulations.

The pupil of my eye
drains the blood from my heart.
I deserve it.

Why did I give my heart
to the darling of others

Wipe the tears
from Hafiz's face with soft curls
or else this endless torrent
will uproot me.

~ Hafiz
Art by Angela Bella Macario

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