Tuesday, 15 November 2011

If you are seeking Beloved...by...Shah Abdul Latif

If you are seeking Beloved,
Then keep clear of formalities.

Those who have seen Beloved
Are away from all religions!

Those who do not see him here,
How will they see Him beyond?

Let us go the land of Kak
Where love flows in abundance,

There are no entrances, no exits,
Every one can see the his Love !

There is no light nor day
Every one can see the Beloved !

Those who love the Beloved
The world cannot hold them.

Palaces do not attract them,
Nor women nor servants

Nothing binds them:
The renouncers leave everything behind.

A message came from the Him:
A full moon shone
Darkness disappeared

A new message came from the Beloved:
It does not matter what caste you are
Whoever come, are accepted.

Where shall I take my camel,
All is Light...

Inside there is Kak, mountain and valley,
The Beloved and the Beloved:
there is nothing but the only Beloved.

~ Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai
(1689 - 1752)
Trans by D. H. Butani

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