Monday, 21 May 2012

Come from your Heart to My. ~ Rumi

The sun is like a sunset in front of You.
O One who grabs the reward from the King !
O the eye which looks with God, sees with God! 
O the Heart which knows everything! Come!

Myl Souls is like body for You.
You are the Soul.
What's the good of a body without Soul?

I've given You my Heart for a long time.
Come, O Beloved, I'll give You my Soul, too.

The crops of my Soul have been harvested
Since You took my Heart.
The last trouble is You. Go.
The last cure is You. Come.

O Beloved, my medicine is You.
My remedy is You.
The light of my Heart
Which has been broken into a hundred pieces
Is You.
Everything in this helpless Heart except You
Has gone. Come.

I have not been able to appreciate You.
Destiny tells me:
"Wound your Heart with arrows.
Break your head with stones. Come."

O One whose level is stated in the verse,
"The distance between them
Is only two arrow throws,"
O One who has an exalted state,
O my Love ,
No one could be Your confidant.
Come from the level of
"Maybe it is much closer."

O My Queen as beautiful as the moon!
O One more beautiful
Than a hundred beauties!
O water, O fire, come!
Come, O pearls. Come, O sea!

O One to whom my Soul
Has become a slave ,
O My Beloved, O my Archangel ,
Because of You,
I became the mounted throne of Love .
Come from your Heart to My.

~ Rumi

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