Thursday, 13 March 2014

So You Can Plant More Hafiz

I would like to remove some rock
from your field
so that you can plant more wheat.

And those hills I see that are part of you,
I have some trees in mind for them
and flowering grasses,

so that you won’t erode,
when the elements pour.

Are we not lovers?
Cannot I speak to you like this?

Do I need to ask your permission
to hitch up my ox
and sing to him as I improve
your vast terrain?

The title to your heart came to my office.
In looking at it a great interest
in your soul developed.

The care of your soul
became mine.

So I would like to remove some stones
from your meadows;
then an orchard you could grow,

and the world,
and the world then,
will come to taste
your riches.

~ Hafiz 

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