Friday, 20 January 2012

I give myself to you with no Eternelle Flamme

I give myself to you
with no expectation
of what you choose to do 
with my gift

My love is not dependent 
on whether you return it not
or your actions or your words

Lay with me or someone else
I love you
catch my tears or cause their fall
I love you
be kind or selfish
I love you

I love the essence of you
not just this persona
that you have adopted for this lifetime 
this physical human you

I also know 
that I love myself
independent of you
I love myself because of you
I love myself in spite of you

By loving myself 
I wont be blinded….
….blinded by this love
that makes me want to
sacrifice myself for you
give everything to you
live my life for you

Even though we come from one
we are still two...
two whole halves
that’s me and you
I love you.

~ Eternelle Flamme 

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