Friday, 20 January 2012

It journeys secretly and without Rumi

I journeyed long time to East and to West, 
I journeyed years and months for love of that Moon 
Heedless of the way, absorbed in God. 

With bare feet I trod upon thorns and flints, 
Seeing I was bewildered, 
and beside myself, and senseless. 

Think not my feet touched the earth, 
For the lover verily travels with the heart. 

What knows the heart of road and stages? 
What of distant and near, while it is drunk with love? 

Distance and nearness are attributes of bodies, 
The journeys of spirits are after another sort. 

You journeyed from the embryo state to rationality 
Without footsteps or stages or change of place, 
The journey of the soul involves not time and place. 

And my body learnt from the soul its mode of journeying, 
Now my body has renounced the bodily mode of journeying
It journeys secretly and without form, though under a form.

~ Rumi

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