Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love is love and does not ever leave or die..by Belle Heywood

Love is love and does not ever leave or die.
Love is love and remains love, totally undiminished,
undiminishable by any changing circumstance.

Only ideas change. Only bodies change.
Only emotions change. Only circumstances change.
Love is unchanging.

That is why, it is best not to put too much stock
on changing ideas, emotions, bodies, circumstances.
They do change and will change.

Stability and maturity grows
as we abide in the unchanging Heart of Love.
Abiding in the unchanging Heart of Love, we remain gentle and open and a ceaseless stream of wisdom cannot help
but illuminate all phenomena.

Faith and trust and longing to be free from suffering-
for oneself and all - brings untold and untellable blessings t
hat enable one to find this Unchanging Love.

We all long for it.
But many just presume it is a longing for sensory comforts
and material satisfactions.
And so pursue the longing for realizing Love in that way,
yet gather more and more frustration.

Everyone finds their way. There is no judgement.
If I could make a pill for Faith, I would.
And I would, without hesitation, try to give it to all.

~ Belle Heywood 

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