Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Kabir

HE is dear to me indeed 
who can call back the wanderer to his home. 

In the home is the true union, 
in the home is enjoyment of life: 
why should I forsake my home and wander in the forest? 

If Creator helps me to realize truth, verily
I will find both bondage and deliverance in home.

He is dear to me indeed who has power to dive deep into Him; whose mind loses itself with ease in His contemplation.

He is dear to me who knows Him,
and can dwell on His supreme truth in meditation;
and who can play the melody of the Infinite
by uniting love and renunciation in life.

Kabîr says:
"The home is the abiding place; in the home is reality;
the home helps to attain Him Who is real.
So stay where you are, and all things shall come to you in time."

~ Kabir
The Songs of Kabir,
Trans by Rabindranath Tagore
Art by Yuliya Glavnaya

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  1. "The world is so mad that no one knows ought of devo- tion.
    One comes and begs for a son : My master, grant me this boon. Another is vexed with pain and asks relief from this.
    Some come and pray wealth, proffering money.
    Some come and ask a beauteous bride.
    Not one comes to buy the truth.
    All the world believes a lie.
    Kabir says.
    Hear, O My Dear : what can one make of the blind ?'
    ~ Kabir