Thursday, 26 September 2013

I've seen no joy without You in both Rumi

I've seen no joy without You 
in both worlds,
I've seen their wonders 
nothing was like You.

I've put the soul's ear 
at the window "Heart"
I've heard some words
but never seen the lips!

You've lavished grace abundant
on Your this lover
I've seen no reason
but Your endless grace.

O My Beloved , dearer than my eyes,
I have Not seen one like You
in Iran, Iraq or whole World .

Pour out such wine
that I may leave myself
I've only seen fatigue in my existence.

You're milk and You are sugar,
sun and moon
I've seen no family like You,
my Beloved !

O endless Love, Divine manifestation
I've seen no name thats worthy of You,
your love ,o beloved helper.

I am like iron scrap
Your love: the magnet.
You, without seeking,
are the source of seeking!

~ Rumi
Ghazal (Ode) N32 (in the Nicholson numbering system; number 1690 in the more commonly used Furuzanfar numbering system)
Translation by Annemarie Schimmel
"Look! This is Love - Poems of Rumi""
Shambhala, 1991


  1. O my Beloved,
    I searched both worlds
    but never found joy without you.
    I have seen many wonders
    but never a wonder like you.

    I pressed my soul's ear
    against countless doors
    But never heard words as sweet as yours.

    O what grace you pour upon your servants!
    From our view the ocean looks so small!

    O Saaqi, sweet sight of my eyes,
    I've never seen one like you
    in all of Persia or Arabia.
    Pour the wine that takes me beyond myself,
    for this petty existence
    brings nothing but fatigue.

    You are the endless Love,
    You are the heavenly song,
    You are the mother and father,
    You are the one I will always know.

    We are scraps of iron.
    Your love is the magnet that draws us near.
    Why should I seek?
    All I need do is love . . . .

    Rest now my soul,
    Leave behind your religion
    and your empty show of faith.

    Remember when you had no religion?
    Remember when all you had was Him?

    ~ Rumi

    Version by Jonathan Star
    "Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved"
    Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York 1997

  2. Apart from you, my Beloved, I've found no joy in the two
    Though I've seen many wonders, none compare with you.

    They say that a fire blazing is the unbeliever's lot:
    I've seen none, except Abu Lahab*, excluded from your

    Many times I've laid the ear of the spirit near the heart's
    Long conversations I heard, yet those lips remained

    Suddenly you lavished grace upon your servant:
    There was no reason for it but your infinite kindness.

    O chosen cup-bearer, apple of my eye, your like
    Have I never seen in Persia or Arabia.

    Pour out wine until I become absent from myself:
    In selfhood and existence I've felt only fatigue.

    O you who are milk and sugar, sun and moon,
    O you who are mother and father, no other kin have
    I known.

    O indestructible Love, O divine Minstrel,
    You are both stay and refuge: no other name equals you.

    We are but iron filings, your love the magnet:
    You are source of all aspiration, myself I have seen none.

    Silence, O Brother! Put learning and culture aside:
    Until culture was named, I knew no culture but you.

    -- Version by James Cowan
    Rumis Divan of Shems of Tabriz, Selected Odes
    Element Books Limited 1997

    *"Abu Lahab" -- An uncle of the Prophet, who was an enemy of early Islam. His nickname translates from the Arabic as "The Father of Flame". Abu Lahab is a literary symbol of one who will suffer physical flame, as he has no knowledge of the Divine Flame. (Koran CXI)
    ( Footnote, with thanks to Eliza Tasbihi.)