Tuesday, 24 May 2011

See thousands of rose gardens in yourself....! by Rumi

and men of intellect cannot mix:
How can you mix the broken with the unbroken?

Cautious men of intellect
shrink back from a dead ant:
Lovers, completely carefree, trample down dragons.

The intellect says:
“The six directions are limits: there
There is no way out.”
Love says:
“There is a way: I have traveled it
Thousands of times.”

The intellect saw a market,
and started to haggle:
Love saw thousands of markets beyond that market.

Lovers who drink
the dregs of the wine reel from bliss
To bliss.
The dark-hearted men of reason
Burn inwardly with denial.

The intellect says
“Do not go forward, annihilation
Contains only thorns.”
Love laughs back:
“The thorns are in you.”

Enough words!
Pull the thorn of existence
out of the heart! Fast!

For when you do you will see
thousands of rose gardens in yourself.

~ Rumi

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