Wednesday, 22 June 2011

As you are, so I am....

As you are, so I am;
there is certainly no difference
between us.

As Whiteness inheres in Milk,
as burning in fire, my Fair Lady,
As smell in earth,
so do I inhere in You always.

I have been constructed
by someone
out of half your body;

Therefore there is no difference
between us,
and my heart is in you.

Just as my Self (Atman),
heart, and life
has been placed in you,

So has your Self,
heart, and life
been placed in me.

(From Krishna to Radha and reply by Radha..)
Art by Jitendra r Sharma


  1. Thank You Precious Heart.

    A Love such as this is beyond words.

    Blessed BE.
    Infinite Gratitude,
    Dawn Close