Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dolls That Pull the Stuffing Out of Each Rumi

You that give nourishment 
and steadiness and freedom, 
give the bent soul strength 
to stand up straight 
in the work it knows it's here to do. 

Give us patience and generosity and clarity
to see through the images that appear.

There is a coarse desire that wants world-power;
there are armies that kill their own relatives;
and there is the bitter pleasure of dolls
that pull the stuffing out of each other.

Read the passionate love stories again.
Notice how everyone perishes in what is not love.

Love is when the holy nothingness loves itself.
Jealousies come as kindness turns cruel.

If there were no legal punishment,
no threat of prison,
people would shred their enemies,
the so-called lovers.

Envy connects deeply
with the old ambition of fallen angels,
who do exist, and they have human helpers
who try to destroy anyone
who has loved and received wisdom from a teacher.

~ Rumi 

(Dolls That Pull the Stuffing Out of Each Other) 
Mathnawi V: 11
Version by Coleman Barks
"The Soul of Rumi"
HarperSanFrancisco, 2001
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