Saturday, 9 June 2012

The spring of love arrives to transform the dust into a Rumi

The spring of love arrives
to transform the dust into a garden.
The call is heard from the heavens
to bid the wings of soul to fly.

The sea becomes filled with pearls.
The dry land receives the water of life.
The stone becomes a ruby,
and the body becomes all soul.

If the eyes and the soul of lovers
turn into clouds of rain,
within the cloud of the body,
their hearts flash like lightning.

Do you know why the eyes of the lovers
become cloudy with love?
The beauty of the moon
is greatest when it is veiled in the cloud.

How lovely it is
when those clouds begin to rain!
O God, how wonderful it is
when the lightning begins to laugh.

Out of hundreds of thousands of drops,
not a single divine drop falls to earth.
If a divine drop were to fall,
the whole world would be transformed.

The whole earth would change,
and those touched by love
would become shipmates with Noah
and be intimate with the ship.

If the storm remains still,
the universe would not be set in motion.
It is the mysterious flow
that moves the world in all directions.

O, you living in the world of six directions,
accept the gloom and accept the bliss,
for those seeds buried in the ground
will one day grow into fruitful orchards.

Every seed will sprout above the ground
and from that source, fresh stems will grow.
If a few branches wither and dry,
the rest will bear fruit.

What is withered will yield to fire,
and that flame ignites joy in the soul.
What is not this, will become this,
and what is not that, becomes that!

Something tells me to be silent,
meaning drunk on the edge of the roof.
Whatever bewilders you
is bewildered by the Beloved.

~ Rumi
Rumi: Divan of Shams
Poem no. 536
Rumi: Alchemy of Transformation
Art by Suresh Talore

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