Thursday, 7 June 2012

This World Which Is Made of Our Love for Rumi

This World Which Is Made of Our Love for Emptiness 
Praise to the emptiness that blanks out existence. Existence: 
This place made from our love for that emptiness! 

Yet somehow comes emptiness, 
this existence goes. 
Praise to that happening, over and over!

For years I pulled my own existence out of emptiness.
Then one swoop, one swing of the arm,
that work is over.

Free of who I was, free of presence,
free of dangerous fear, hope,
free of mountainous wanting.

The here-and-now mountain
is a tiny piece of a piece of straw
blown off into emptiness.

These words I'm saying so much begin to lose meaning:
Existence, emptiness, mountain, straw:

Words and what they try to say swept
out the window, down the slant of the roof.

~ Rumi
Ode 950
Version by Coleman Barks
"Open Secret"
Threshold Books, 1984
Art by Sergey Noskov

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