Saturday, 22 September 2012

I Follow Hafiz

I Follow Barefoot

I long for You so much
I follow barefoot Your frozen tracks

That are high in the mountains
That I know are years old.

I long for You so much
I have even begun to travel
Where I have never been before.

Hafiz, there is no one in this world
Who is not looking for Beloved.

Everyone is trudging along
With as much dignity, courage
And style

As they possibly

~ Hafiz
From 'The Subject Tonight is Love -
60 wild and sweet poems of Hafiz'
Versions by Daniel Ladinsky

1 comment:

  1. I am an atom;
    You are like the countenance of the Sun for me.

    I am a patient of Love
    You are like medicine for me.

    Without wings, without feathers,
    I fly about looking for you.

    I have become a rose petal
    And you are like the wind for me.
    Take me for a ride.