Monday, 17 September 2012

If you are my Nizar Qabbani

If you are my lover, then help me leave you 
If you are my doctor, then help me recover from you 

If I had known Love is too dangerous, I would not have loved
If I had known the sea is too deep, I would not have sailed 

If I had known my end,
I would not have started

I missed you, so teach me not to
Teach me how to cut the roots of your love from my depths

Teach me how a tear dies in the eyes
Teach me how love dies and longings commit suicide

O, you who turned life to a poem in my eyes
and planted your wounds in my heart and took patience away

If I am dear to you, grab my hands
As I am deeply in love from head to heel
As I am deeply in love from head to heel

~ Nizar Qabbani
(“A message from under water”)

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