Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Will you let me hold your heart in mine...?

My greatest desire in all the world is to hold and be held,
to Connect with a capital C.

To heal and be healed.
To see and be seen.

To love and be loved----fully. Completely.
Here I am....shouting it out to the world,
to all who read or don't read my words.
To all who take the time to connect. Or not.

I want to love with a capital L.
I want to crack wide open all that stands
in the way of true Truth and true Love and True Colors..!

I want to to hold your heart in mine like it is my own.
Because, really, it is.

Will you let me hold your heart in mine
just for a minute
just for one beautiful breath
or two?

I so want you to know how deeply
how very deeply
I Love
every single bit
of colorful you..!

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