Tuesday, 7 June 2011

When you come back..by Rumi

When you come back inside my chest,
no matter how far I've wandered off,
I look around, and see the way.
At the end of my life,
with just one breath left,
if you come then,
I'll sit up and sing.
~ Rumi


  1. This poem is beautiful, yet we tend to use Rumi poetry to express erotic love, nothing wrong with that, Just the Rumi Love poems where about his relationship with something much deeper, and more lasting.

  2. I certainly think erotic love is deep and lasting, and so did Rumi -- he saw that as one of loves many forms, linking one with the universal essnce that is God, and what a lovely, heavenly way of expressing love. Erotic love is very deep. It is more than just "lust." It is the intertwining of souls.

  3. This is beautiful, can you plz share the origianal version in persian?