Sunday, 24 April 2011

My body pulled my Rumi

My body pulled my soul from the higher planes
and I lost the company of saints and prophets.

Now wrapped in in my prison I've met a Moon
that fills my heart with dreams and visions.
Most people want to escape from prison
but why should I run away when my love is inside,
where else could I be alone with this love?

I look at myself and see such painful longing
I look at love and see how pleased she is watching me.
Once you are in that house of Beauty
abundant grace awaits you.

I overheard the stars whispering
that if ever one of them
caught a glimpse of that Beauty,
to tell the others at once.

But the lovers guard their secrets jealosly
for they know that when that Moon rises
everything will set.

~ Rumi

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