Saturday, 16 April 2011

Who I Am.....? ......Rumi

“My turban, my robe, my head,
They aren’t worth a dime.
Haven’t you heard of my fame in the universe?
I have been annihilated,
I am nothing
I am Absent.”

“O ones who want to smell my fragrance,
You must die first
Don’t look for me
When you are alive.”

“O Sultan of eternity,
I am free from gazelles, from verses.
Tell the rhyme, the meter,
That the torrent should wash them out.
The only thing a poet could do,
Is scratch the surface.”

“I am not a poet.
My sustenance doesn’t come from poetry.
Also, I don’t talk much about virtue.
My virtue, my talent is a glass of love.
I drink that, only from the hand of the Beloved,
Not from anyone else.”

“I am the pure hearted Sufi
At the convent of the Universe,
Not one who wears a woolen cloak.”

“First I was fed by blood, then milk.
Then milk became food for me instead of blood.
When my wisdom teeth came, I was weaned from milk.
Forty-year-old mind submerged me in thought.
I became prey in my sixty-second year.
I was hunted, then I was freed
From thought and measures.”

~ Rumi

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