Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It is the "Fountain of Life"...by Rumi

It is the "Fountain of Life"
To drink for the One who adds Soul to Soul.
The fish of that sea
Must be pure Soul.

This ruin which is made of mud
Is the house for an owl.
It is not for the Phoenix
Who flys so high.

Sparks of this kingdom
Dazzled hundreds of eyes.
Don't bring every blind one,
Who can hardly walk with his cane,
Here by pulling their ears.

If you have good money,
How come you get in debt
And become drunk on borrowed money.
What do you think about this
Treasure of favor and generosity?

The one who is in distress,
Knows where to find His kindness and generosity.
It is proper to sacrifice hundreds
Of hearts for the eternal Soul.

'The heart is not worse than iron.
Even iron knows a stone
In front of a magnet
Won't be pulled.

Mind came to this muddy earth,
This universe, to fall in love.
Otherwise, what's the use of mind
To someone who has no loyalty, no mind?

The Sun of Truth is Beloved.
The heart fell to the ground and kissed the earth
At the temple of that Soul which
Is like a blessing for us.

~ Rumi

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