Thursday, 8 December 2011

Only union with you gives Rumi

Only union with you gives joy.
The rest is tearing down one building
to put up another.
But don't break
with forms!

Boats cannot move without water.
We are misquoted texts
made right when you say us.

We are sheep in a tightening wolf-circle:
You come like a shepherd and ask,
"So how are you?"
I start crying.

This means something to anyone in a body,
but what means something to you ?

You can't be spoken, 
though you listen to all sound. 
You can't be written,
but you read everything.

You don't sleep, 
yet you're the source of dream-vision.

Your ship glides over nothing,
deep silence, praise for the ONE,
who told Moses on Sinai,

You Shall Not See Me...!

~ Rumi 
Version by Coleman Barks
"We Are Three,"
Maypop, 1987
Art by Dennis Potokar

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