Friday, 15 April 2011

Beyond the Kabir

When Pure Being reveals itself
It brings into manifestation
That which can never be seen.

As the seed is in the plant
As the shade is in the tree
As the void is in the sky
As infinite forms are in the void –
So from beyond the Infinite
The Infinite comes
And from the Infinite
The finite extends.

Every creature is in the One
And the One is in every creature:
They are distinct yet united.

The Beloved is the tree, the seed and the kernel.
The Beloved is the flower, the fruit and the shade.
The Beloved is the sun, the light and the illuminated.
The Beloved is the Only Being, all life and all illusion.

The Beloved is the manifested form
And the infinite space
The breath, the word and the meaning.
The Beloved is the limit and the limitless
And beyond both the limited and unlimited –
The Beloved is Pure Being.

Divine Intelligence is in one and all.
The Supreme Soul is seen within your soul.
All is seen and reflected within the Infinite Being.

Kabir is blessed because he has seen
This most glorious vision!

~ KABIR (Translated by Tagore)

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