Friday, 15 April 2011

I and thou...! ~ Rumi

Blessed time! when we are sitting, I and thou,
With two forms and only one soul, I and thou.
Fragrance, song of birds, they quicken ev'rything
When we come into the garden, I and thou.
All the stars of heaven hurry to see us,
And we show them our own moon, I and thou-
I and thou without words, without I and thou-
In delight we are united, I and thou.
Sugar chew the heaven's parrots in that place
Where we're sitting, laughing sweetly, I and thou.
Strange that I and thou together in this nook
Are apart a thousand miles, see- I and thou.
One form in this dust, the other in that land.
Sweet eternal Paradise there... I and thou...!
~ Rumi

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