Friday, 22 July 2011

Anything but love upon this path is idolatry Rumi

Anything but love
upon this path is idolatry
Other than light of thy union
is doubtful oratory

Whoever sees but the Beloved,
sees astray
The lover’s seeing eye
can only see Beloved’s glory.

Pass up all spirits,
pick your cup from the divine tray
Drink of the spirit of love,
the sole elixir in history.

The soul of the lovers
was woven of manly and earthly clay
Follower of the path of love,
for the worldly will not worry.

Through the highest wisdom
in poverty secrets lay
Choose detachment,
this path is the lovers’ story.

To that unequalled essence
even the angels will pray
His throne and His court
is outside the world’s laboratory.

O true Beloved, Pride of my soul ,
fault me not, turn me not away
Engulfed in fiery flames
is my heart and soul’s observatory.

Translations from Divan-e Shams

Art by Esther Johnson

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