Monday, 18 July 2011

Beloved.. No joy have I found in the two worlds apart from Rumi

No joy have I found
in the two worlds apart from you,

Many wonders I have seen:
I have not seen a wonder like you.

They say that blazing fire is the infidel's portion:
I have seen none, save any, excluded from your fire.

Often have I laid the spiritual ear at the window of the heart:
I heard much discourse, but the lips I did not see.

Of a sudden you did lavish grace upon your lover:
I saw no cause for it but your infinite kindness.

O chosen Sweetheart, O apple of mine eyes, the like of you
Ne'er appeared in Persia , nor in Arabia have I found it.

Pour out wine 'till I become a wanderer from myself;
For in selfhood and existence I have felt only fatigue.

O you who are milk and sugar, O you who are sun and moon,
O you who are Love and Lover, I have known no kin but you.

O indestructible Love, O divine Minstrel,
You are both stay and refuge: a name equal to you I have not found.

We are pieces of steel, and your love is the magnet:
You are the source of all aspiration, in myself I have seen none.

Silence, O Dear! put learning and culture away:

'Till you named culture, I knew no culture but you.

~ Rumi

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