Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Be near me...by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Be Near Me
My assassin, my lover,
Be near me

When the night passes on
Drunk on the blood of
When the dark night
passes on
Like a sword sheathed in
the diamonds of stars
Be near me.

When it laments, laughs
and sings and passes on
With it’s anklets ringing
with grief
Be near me .

When the longings drown
in heart
Look for the assassin's
knife hidden in hand in his
Be near me .

And when the children
Like the pouring sounds of
And are soothed by

When no sweet-talk
Everything stands still,
The dark night passes on
mourning silently,
My assassin, my lover, be
near me.

~ Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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