Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There is sun afterwards......by Rumi

Since the endowment of eternity set the
Seminary for the Love,

The difference between lover and Beloved
Has become the most difficult subject.

There are other ways besides causality,
And deductive reasoning to solve the problem,

But they are closed to jurists, doctors,
And someone who thinks he is a cosmologist.

They all talk about their differences, but
Everyone ended up at a dead end.

Then, they turned toward the mosque.
There, everything became more confused.

The thoughts were limited,
But the one who gathers and separates them is endless.
The limited disappeared in the unlimited.

Annihilation is the drunkenness,
Realization comes after annihilation.

It doesn't matter how long the shade becomes,
There is sun afterwards.

~ Rumi

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