Saturday, 30 July 2011

For a time let us revolve around Rumi

The creatures are set in motion by Love,
Love by Eternity-without-beginning​;

the wind dances because of the spheres,
the trees because of the wind.

God said to Love,
“If not for thy beauty,
how should I pay attention
to the mirror of existence?”

The world is like a mirror
displaying Love’s perfection.

OH Friend!
Who has ever seen a part
greater than
its whole?

Love is the kernel,
the world the shell;
Love is the sweetmeat,
the world the cauldron.

Like Adam and Eve,
Love gives birth to a thousand forms;
the world is full of its paintings,
but it has no form.

Oh Love who hast a thousand names
and a cup of sweet wine!
Oh Thou who bestowest a thousand skills!
Oh formless One with a thousand forms!
Oh Form-giver to the Turk, Greek, and Ethiopian!

The spheres turn for the sake of the lovers,
the wheel revolves for the sake of Love,
not for the baker or ironsmith,
nor for the
carpenter or druggist.

The heavens turn around about Love:
Rise, so that we also may turn!

Behold “But for thee, I would not have created…”
What did He say?
"the chosen one is Love’s mine.”

For a time let us revolve around Love.
How long will we circle this carrion ?

~ Rumi

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