Monday, 11 July 2011

If you don't come Rumi

I laugh not only with my mouth,
But with my whole body,
Because I am out of myself.
I am in privacy with the Beloved of the world.

O one who comes with a torch
In the early morning to take the heart away,
Take the Soul to the sky, too.
Don't leave the heart alone.

Don't make the Soul a stranger
To the heart with anger and greed.
Don't leave this here;
Call the other one to come along.

Send the news the Beloved deserves;
Make a general invitation.
0 my Light , how long will
This one be with You
And that one stay alone?

If you don't come tonight,
Close your lips tonight like last night.
O my Sweetheart, not only will I make noise,
I will make a scene and cause an uproar.

~ Rumi

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